Consorci Institut D’Investigacions Biomediques August Pi i Sunyer, Spain

The Consorci Institut D’Investigacions Biomediques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS) is a public research centre dedicated to translational research in the field of biomedicine. The Hospital Clinic de Barcelona (HCB), third party of IDIBAPS, is a university tertiary hospital that employs about 4,000 professionals with a long reputation of excellence in care provision, training and research at national and international level. During the last decade, HCPB has developed an ambitious program for chronic patient management, promoting both care coordination and use of ICT to support integrated care services in the healthcare sector Barcelona-Esquerra of 540,000 inhabitants. The Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya – Government of Catalonia, is the health authority responsible for the planning and management of the Catalan Health system.

Catalonia has a health system with one public payer providing healthcare to a population of 7.5 million inhabitants. The region is developing an ambitious plan for deployment of ICT-supported integrated care for chronic patients. Provision of refined functionalities to the existing shared electronic health record at regional level (HC3) and extensive deployment of the personal health folder are two main ICT priorities together with interoperability and alignment between healthcare and social support services. The healthcare sector of IDIBAPS-Hospital Clínic is one of the main pilot sites of the Department of Health for deployment of innovative services. Within this frame the two institutions will collaborate in SELFIE.

Josep Roca

Josep Roca is Professor of Medicine at the University of Barcelona, Senior Researcher at IDIBAPS, Chief of Section at the Thorax Institute, Hospital Clinic (Barcelona), and Coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus BioHealth Computing for the University of Barcelona. Professor Roca is author of more than 235 original articles in peer-reviewed journals and several book chapters, review articles, and books. His two main fields of interest are Chronic diseases: integrated care, systems medicine, predictive medicine, information and communication technologies (ICT); and, O2 pathway – cell bioenergetics relationships: biological mechanisms and impact at system level, non-invasive assessment, exercise, rehabilitation and wellness. Josep Roca has been coordinator of several EU projects and is currently also member of the ACT consortium – Advancing Coordinated Care and Telehealth (


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Juan Carlos Contel Segura

Juan Carlos Contel is currently developing his professional activities within the Chronic Prevention and Care Programme at the Department of Health – Generalitat de Catalunya. He has a major role in the newly launched “Integrated Health and Social Care Plan” fostering the interplay between Integrated Care and Social Care as one of the main priorities of the Department of the Catalan Government. Juan Carlos Contel graduated in Nursing at the University of Barcelona (UB). He is an associate Teacher in the Nursing School at the UB. Juan Carlos has a Master’s in Public Management for ESADE Business School and a postgraduate diploma in Health Management for ESADE. He is editor of the books “Homecare organization and practice” and “Management in primary care”. He is author of several articles related with the homecare and care of chronic patient. He is very interested in the Home Care, Chronic Care and Integrated Care area, developing and implementing projects related to these issues.


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Carme Planas-Campmany

Carme Planas-Campmany holds a PhD in Nursing Sciences from the University of Barcelona (UB), graduated in Nursing at the UB, and has a Master’s in Leadership and Management of Nursing Services and a Master’s of Nursing Services Management at the UB. Currently she is working as Technical Officer at the Directorate-general of Health Planning and Research (Ministry of Health, Catalan Government) and as Associate Lecturer at the Nursing School of the University of Barcelona. Dr. Planas-Campmany is interested in Health Planning, Integrated Care, and the role of nurses in transforming health systems.


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Carme Hernández

Carme Hernández is a respiratory nurse with a Master’s Degree in Respiratory Medicine and a PhD from the University of Barcelona. She is coordinator of the Integrated Care Unit at the Hospital Clinic in Barcelona with the mandate to implement the Integrated Care Services in complex chronic patients in order to avoid or reduce hospital admissions, and since 2013 she has been a member of the Chronic program at the Hospital Clinic, being responsible for the Transitional Care Models. Dr. Hernández has published more than 30 articles, reviews and editorials, over 15 book chapters and guidelines, and she has participated actively in several EU projects, among which NEXES (ICT-CIP, and ACT (DG Sanco,


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Mirjam Hillenius

Mirjam Hillenius is responsible for administrative support and financial management to research activities of IDIBAPS-HCPB. She has been directly involved in around 20 EU projects, four of which coordinated. She also gives support to educational activities at the University of Barcelona (Erasmus Mundus BioHealth Computing, Master of Clinical Research).


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